The airbrush T-Shirt got its deep roots in the hip-hop and street cultures. In the late 80’s early 90’s, a group of Black graffiti artists named The Shirt Kings transmuted their art onto fabrics; a new fashion expression for streetwear was born. 


The Shirt Kings clothing line combined graffiti art, cartoon characters, portraits of celebrities and many other colourful designs. They are considered the most influential pioneers in the industry, as Hip-Hop culture became mainstream. Their creations were worn by very influential people of the era. Thanks to the Shirt Kings for creating more than an aesthetic; a legacy for the arts and fashion.


Along with hip-hop, the airbrush t-shirt holds value and has been a sacred tool to remember the deceased along Black & Brown communities. A well-known tradition to honour those who has passed away. We also have to acknowledge the struggles the community has to face on the daily and how this tradition can be used to deal with grief. 


Let’s not forget how airbrush tees are a weapon against fast fashion; as long as we care about the culture, its legacy and where it comes from. Today as fast fashion rise,  hand-painted pieces with a unique artistic expression will always outshine the low quality t-shirts and cheap airbrush prints emerging on the internet.



The culture flows in our spirits forever,

One tee at a time,


MÏNS (@mins.eighty8) 

Airbrush/Street Artist