A Day in LVB's life

I spend most of my days sourcing new inventory to provide you with the best vintage finds ever. I regularly spend hours driving to different thrift store locations across Canada. 

Once I reach home, I sort through all of my curations and prep for a wash cycle. I match up the different colours and separate the garments that need a little more love aka stain removal.

During the washing process, I plan my future content that I want to post to our social medias or create the content on the spot. I frequently post to our instagram, Facebook and TikTok pages. My little sister helps with taking down measurements for our future arrivals.

When I am not on the hunt for new inventory, I love collaborating with those who share a similar vision to mine and especially the people of my community.I plan future photoshoots with local creatives ( Models, Photographers, Makeup Artists and Videographers and take care of the styling process. This allows us to share opportunities and create a safe working environment where everyone is welcomed.

When the shots from our shoots are ready, I start listing our new products to the website. This can take up to 2 weeks to complete. However, I do it just so my Baddies can experience our lovely collections while enjoying their day to day life.

Shanique M

La Vegan Baddie