I started La Vegan Baddie with a simple idea in mind: curate sustainable, one of-a-kind, fashionable and quality vintage Baddie wear from the early 2000's. I recognized how that era impacted us growing up and wanted for us to relive it in the most authentic way.

With that intention in mind, I ethically source my inventory to help reduce carbon footprint and forced underpaid labour. Our garments are 20+ years old and are built to resist the many more years to come. My #1 goal is to normalize the use of preloved items while making them look fashionable again.

To better express my artistic vision as a vintage curator and stylist, I've put together the outfits seen on the models.

We don't have to purchase new items in order to be a Baddie. I believe that slow fashion is the best option. I want you to shop at La Vegan Baddie relieved that no garment worker has been exploited in the process. 

Fast fashion must die !

- Shanique aka La Vegan Baddie